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Regional Pre-Seed call

The Startup has submitted a proposal for funding its project and its Business Model to the Lazio Regional "Pre-seed" call, participating like a Research Spin-off

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Challenge LazioInnovatore

The Startup takes part in the Open Innovation Challenge launched by UNIDATA and supported by the Regione Lazio through the project for Startups "LazioInnovatore"

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Horizon 2020 Call

The Startup has submitted a proposal to the call
Horizon 2020’s SME Instrument with the Topic: "Engaging SMEs in security research and development"

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RADFinder: the ionizing radiation detector

Thanks to an innovative hardware design and specifically developed algorithms, the RADFinder detector allows to:


the kind of radioactive source and the emitting isotope


the activity of the radioactive source


the delivered radiation dose in order to evaluate the resulting risk for health


the source reconstructing its spatial distribution


the user in real-time and remotely

The RADFinder prove is able to provide these features with a such high level of detail that is better respect to the current generation of instrumentation for Radioprotection. Especially the possibility to locate the radioactive source is the main competitive advantage of this state-of-the-art detector.

RADFinder: the ionizing radiation the detector

Brief description

The goal of the Team is the realization of an innovative ionizing radiation detector and its sale in the branch of the instrumentation for Radioprotection.

Thanks to a novel hardware design and specifically developed algorithms, this device, named RADFinder, is able to provide real-time and remote identification, quantification and localization of ionizing radiation sources in the environment. In addition, an user-friendly software interface for PCs and smartphones will be developed. The aim of this software interface is to let any user - not necessarily an expert - assess the risk due to the radiation field.

The forthcoming EU Directive 2013/59/Euratom (that will be mandatory from February 2018) implicates a remarkable increase in the number of Radioprotection controls. The effect of the Directive will implicate a significant growth in the demand of Radioprotection instrumentations in all EU countries. Therefore, we expect a quick scalability of the product since the RADFinder wants to be the pivotal instrument for their execution.

Fields of application

Control of goods

For control of harbors, airports, borders and customs and the goods passing through them, with the purpose to identify potential radioactive contaminations.


For the safety of both population and environment it is important to protect them against the dangers arising from exposure to ionising radiation, with a dedicate plan for Radon sources.

Homeland security and counterterrorism

For police and military controls aimed to guard against terrorist attacks with radiological dispersion device (RDD, the so called "dirty bombs") or other radioactive threats.

The market

The RADFinder will be engaging for many other countries, including USA (mainly for homeland security), Japan (for control of nuclear power plants and contaminated areas), Russia and ex-USSR countries (for control of nuclear waste and risky areas).

The Team will make a feasibility study to test the application of the RADFinder to an aerial or terrestrial drone. This solution could allow automatized measurements and risk evaluation without the presence of workers in dangerous areas.

The capabilities and performance of the detector have been already tested through preliminary tests on a prototype. Therefore, the Team is sure that the RADFinder allows superior performance with respect to the competitors.

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The Team

The innovative Startup is made up of three young researchers that compose a multidisciplinary Team that combines technical, economic and management skills.

Two members are researchers specialized in Physics applied to Medicine and Radioprotection, the other one is instead a young researcher in Economy and Market Analysis.

Cristian Borrazzo

Cristian Borrazzo

CTO Software

Qualified Medical Physicist

Nuclear Imaging, Radioprotection
and Dosimetry expert

CV Cristian Borrazzo
Enrico Preziosi

Enrico Preziosi

CEO - CTO Hardware

PhD in Biophysics

Nuclear Imaging
and Radioprotection expert

CV Enrico Preziosi
Davide Viviano

Davide Viviano

CFO - CMO e Sales

PhD Student in Econometry

Machine Learning
and Financial Prediction expert

CV Davide Viviano

Team assets

Thanks to the technical and economic expertise, the Team's multidisciplinarity and complementarity are a strong point of the Startup.

Gli assets
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Viale Libano, 80 - 00144 - Roma - Italia

+39 333 4975815

Link to the Startup's page at LazioInnovatore

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